Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Party Pooper

My friend and I (Jen over at A Teacher's Life) have been attending a conference this week. This is a conference that we have been anticipating for a while. Our energy and enthusiasm has been building. Three whole days to just sit, listen, and sponge up great ideas from people who have researched and modeled these ideas. We were thrilled to be going! (Can you sense our enthusiasm?) We made a deal regarding people who like to rain on other's parade. My personal policy on negative people is, "flee, flee, flee, flee!" I don't do negativity just normally, let alone on something that I am considering my happy place! We wrote this poem today for all those people out there that just can't help themselves, they just have to poo-poo on everything.

Poo-Poo Platter
by Sarah Amick and Jen Barney
Every party needs a party pooper,
Faces drawn, lips pursed, body rigid;
Rains on my parade,
That's why we invited you,
The sigh of discontent when challenges are never met,
Party pooper.
Every party needs a party pooper,
complain, complain, complain,
Eyes going back and forth,
That's why we invited you,
Listens inactively, expressionless gaze,
a generic, "mmmhmm."
Party pooper.
Disclaimer: I was actually encouraged by others, I won't name names, to add a photo of poop here! Can you believe that? Well, I just couldn't do it. The thought of looking at others' poo grosses me out. Aren't you glad I spared you?


Ruth Ayres said...

very very funny -- an ode to party poopers.

the good thing is, being mid-summer, there are few out & about at the conference! :)

Jen Barney said...


Sarah Amick said...

I just couldn't do the pictures of poo. Do you know what is out there? Just googling the word "poo" made me gag. It is just obscene!!!!!
Sorry, it just couldn't happen. I tried to link you all to a website but Scott said it was inappropriate. My voice of reason, sorry!

Jen Barney said...

I did google and witnessed the sickness of it all... you're right... darn!

Kathy Douglas said...

Just remember Lester's farewell speech. I will email you the picture and you can add that to the blog: NO Party Poopers Here!

Vivian Mahoney said...

This is funny. Thanks!

Christi.Overman said...

You two are so stinkin funny! (Ha! I didn't even plan that!) My dad used to sing me this song when I was being a party pooper:

Every party has a pooper
That's why we invited you
Party Pooper
Super Duper

I think there was more, but I forget. I wish we could have hung out more at the conference! Let's get together soon again with fellow bloggers!

Jeanne said...

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