Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hold me tight...

You ever been in a hard place? You ever just had a moment that you didn't want to be in? You ever think, I need to get away for a while?

hold me tight...
by Sarah Amick
hold me tight all through the night
out of the shadows
you are my first sight;
be here through it all
when the angry thoughts come rushing through
All I want is to be here with you;
The vow we took through thick and thin,
these arms embrace and hold me in.
When tumultuous, stormy, waters rise
and high waters threaten on all sides,
Your reassuring and gentle words will be my guides.
When darkness looms out in the hall,
you'll always be my soft place to fall.
"We'll get through this," you say to me;
I hold my head high,
my heart longs for glee.
Around and around thoughts are a twirl,
with arms so strong you calm the whirl.
Where would I be without your arms holding me tight?
I'd be lost, cold and afraid,
with my flame not so bright.

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Jen Barney said...

It will get better.... It will.