Monday, June 4, 2007

8 Things to Do this summer MEME

I was challenged to set some goals for myself for the summer. I don't really want to set goals I want to play. So I am making my goals playful!
1. I want to be the one in my group that reads the most. I will read anything that I get my hands on at the library. Just realize that I am very competitive!
2. I want to write more poetry this summer. I think that I will have lots that flows out of me. (Note: Ingrid, I am changing lots to abundance!)
3. I want to go swimming with my girls this summer. Floating, splashing, smelling the sunscreen, that is me.
4. I will spend one entire week combing the beach looking for treasures that the ocean beholds. I know, it is a tough goal but someone needs to be in charge of that. Scott, my husband, is getting to take his first summer vacation since Sydni was born. Won't that be so special. We are pumped!!!!!!!
5. I want to stay up late and blog, blog, blog.
6. I will take the dog for a walk daily. We will trek our three miles with our smiles on our faces. We will come home and tell sweet stories about the bullfrogs: Joe and Earl. (The girls love those stories.)
7. I will attend the All Write conference and learn so much from my other professional friends. It will be spiritual I think.
8. I will remember to spend the days enjoying the small giggles, and bright eyes that awaken in my home every morning. I will cherish sweet words like mama, mommy, and is it still summer break?
Breathe it all in and enjoy the summer. We have all worked very hard.

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