Sunday, June 17, 2007

Question #1: How did you learn to read?

Naturally. In a print rich home environment. I remember lots of books, I remember adults reading in front of me. I was taken to the library weekly. I checked out a stack of 8-10 books. Reading at bedtime was nightly. I asked for books as gifts. My mother chose books for me based on interest. She bought me a book called, "In Grandma's Attic." It was a series of short stories we read at bedtime. I loved it. I was so proud when I read this book on my own for the first time. My mother at this time would have me read the mail to her. Now I know it was to keep me from bugging her while she cooked dinner. I felt so important sitting in the kitchen knowing about the mail. And then, I got a copy of, "Charlotte's Web" oh, I loved this book. I loved reading it from cover to cover. It was just the most important book of all.

At school I remember workbooks, and reading groups. I was not in the highest group. I was disappointed. I did not learn phonics!?! at all. I do not remember much about reading instruction. I just remember those crazy workbooks. I don't even remember good picture books! That is so sad to me.

Tomorrow: Part 1 of three, What are some of your good reading moments?

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