Monday, June 11, 2007

Mom Shorts

I was at Starbucks with a friend recently and was inspired to write this poem. Again, remember that poetry flows from me and you could be or say the things that will inspire my next poem. Be Aware!

Mom Shorts
by Sarah Amick

"How do these look?"
High waisted, 2 inch elastic band
and just above the knee;
They conservatively hide the insecurities we
feel about our bodies.
Our fears and anxieties that consume our heads
are hidden in their pockets.
These shorts hold tiny handprints of grape jelly, peanut butter,
and strawberry seeds;
hiked up they mask skin that has been stretched to its maximum,
"please don't notice my newly formed body!"
"Will anyone notice this new person I have become?"
Does this look good on me?
I can't believe I get to wear mom shorts!

Wear them with pride ladies!!!!


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Kathy Douglas said...

You are so funny. How in the world do you find humor in everything and then you are able to put it into words? You never cease to amaze me!