Friday, June 8, 2007

Poetry Friday


Thoughts rest your wings;
Here is a hollowof silence,
a nest of stillness, in
which to hatch your dreams.
-Joan Walsh Anglund

(This poem is nestled betwee two large black and white photos of my girls as babies as they were sleeping. My husband took them and we thought they were precious. I found the poem and put it up in a frame with them. I LOVE this poem, it speaks of peace and rest, all that sleeping should be.)

Here is the much anticipated poem about three that I promised in my last post. Look around, do you see things of three?

Magical Three
by Sarah Amick

The wheels on my red, antique, metal tricycle
My mother's jars of brown sugar, sugar, and flour;
Formally the number of grandparents I had,
My childhood friendships were always a trio;
The age of my itchy, itchy, chicken pox,
My grandfather's number of granddaughters,
Mother, Father, Daughter- my family growing up
3 x 10 = the year my parents divorced;
the number of times I've been pregnant,
year three, the year we had a baby...

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Al Manning said...

I was sitting in the examining room today waiting for the doctor to come and I was struck by the sound of silence. For a few moments as I closed my eyes, I actually had nothing running through my mind.It felt good to pause. There was a delightful peace that washed over me. It reminded me that I need to be still and know... Sarah, I love your poetry and your thoughts. Keep them coming.