Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Poem for my first born

I wrote a poem about "The One Who Calls Me Mama" My oldest daughter has been waiting for her poem. She is a very complex kid who keeps things hidden and must trust others before exposing herself to them. Here is her poem:

My Firstborn
by Sarah Amick
Has taught me the meaning of trust
Is a loyal friend who only wants to be loved
Hates having asthma, being allergic to cats,
and wearing socks;
Is sensitive to other's feelings, being hurt,
and her little sister;
Loves all things bicycles, scooters,
and rollerskates
We struggled with life as she drew her first breath;
capture the world through her
large, bright, blue eyes
Holds onto her treasures, things that have hurt her,
and my heart filled with love...


Jen Barney said...

Hmmm.... you poet lady! Nice change in look- Change is good!

Sarah Amick said...

I just wanted to remain original. Like no other you know?

Kathy Douglas said...

How did you do that?????

Sarah Amick said...

You did it too. You figured it out. It's in the customize section. Hey, does anyone know how to get poetry published. Could I send some poems off to like Reader's Digest or something? Any ideas?