Saturday, June 23, 2007

Five things Meme

The Literacy Teacher tagged me for this meme. I thought it would be fun on a Saturday that I didn't have anything to write about. I changed a couple of the titles to fit my needs, hope you don't mind.

Five things done 10 years ago
1. Got Married, August, 16, 1997
2. Started student teaching, August 18, 1997 (pretty crazy huh?!!!)
3. Lived on the lake (our own dock, boat, it was pretty picturesque)
4. Lived far away from home (4 hours)
5. Graduated from college

Five favorite snacks (all ice cream flavors)
1. Rocky Road
2. Chocolate covered cherry
3. Chocolate
4. Pineapple sherbert
5. Homemade- any flavor

Five Songs I know by Heart
1. Papa Don't Preach (Madonna)
2. Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)
3. Lady in Red (Chris DeBurgh)
4. The Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston)
5. Tomorrow (from Annie)

Five things I'd do as a Millionaire: for myself
1. Have a horse
2. Travel, travel, travel
3. Not feel bad about buying books
4. Have a house with a lake
5. Start a book shop like Meg Ryan in the movie "You've Got Mail"

Five things I'd do for others if I were a Millionaire
1. I'd adopt dogs that need rescuing
2. I'd start a fund for professional development for teachers wanting to go to various conferences.
3. I'd work with my district to start a model school
4. At my own school I'd start any afterschool enrichment program for my at risk kids- field trips, crafts, experiences they'd never had before, with transportation provided.
5. Free books for all!!!!!

Five Bad Habits
1. I vaccuum often- drives my family nuts!
2. Goodwill- do I need to say more girls?
3. I pick my nails
4. My bed must be made at night
5. If I take a bath I must clean it no matter how long it's been.

Five thing I'll never wear again
1. a bikini
2. maternity clothes
3. jelly shoes
4. turtlenecks
5. high waisted pants

Five favorite toys
1. Speak N-Spell
2. my books
3. my dolls including Marie and Donny Osmond Barbie (so cool!)
4. All things paper (being a waitress, schoolteacher, artist, writing, sending notes)
5. The woods beyond my house

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Stacey Shubitz said...

Oooh I loved Speak and Spell.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

christy said...

Hi Sarah!
I went to an inservice this past week and Jen Barney taught it. She gave us her blog address, and somehow I linked to yours! How fun to read some of your writings. I hope you and the rest of the Amicks are doing well. : )
Christy Steininger

Jen Barney said...

Dude- Had jelly shoes too!!