Saturday, August 4, 2007

Marriage Meme

Unfortunately I didn't mark where I found this meme but thought it would be a great distraction from all things school, picture books, Reader's workshop, and school "stuff." As you remember, in my personal policies, "I am crazy about my husband." The rules are simple, just list 8-10 factoids about your marriage. Here they are:
1. I have been married almost for 10 years. August 16, 1997.
2. I married my high school sweetheart. Yes folks, we met in photography class. He was a sophomore, I a senior. I went away to college and he swooned over me. I was just so comfortable with him I swooned back.
3. We both enjoy similar things. We both have a great love for the great outdoors. We love to go for walks, fish, beach-it, etc. My husband hunts, I don't, but I have gone and just sat "still" for a couple hours in the hunting blind. It was a great experience of just sitting and listening.
4. We rarely argue. We used to argue a lot in the first couple of years however, we have gotten to a very comfortable place. I have learned that he doesn't read minds so don't assume he does! He has learned that I am highly independent, driven, and very sweet when treated kindly.
5. We have made an agreement. Don't make fun of one another to others. This is hard to do because we know one another so intimately but nonetheless we give it a whirl. I don't like going to parties or social engagements and hearing others complain about their spouses. We have vowed not to do that to one another. Sarcasm can be too close to the truth. It's not worth the laugh from others.
6. We work at our marriage. We have discussed this at length, marriage is work. And when you know this it can be very rewarding work. We work at spending time together, talking to one another, and loving one another. Marriage is work, but anything that you want to grow and be worth something takes work. Did I mention it can be hard work?
7. We have made a commitment to be a family. Sometimes people don't make a commitment to their children, their spouses, or their family. We have decided that our home is the safe place for everyone. We are going to make sure that others don't harm that. We protect it from harm. For instance, the in-laws, friends who don't have families ("please watch your language!"), our disagreements, and the rest of the world. This is a safe haven!
8. We are crazy about one another. He leaves me notes, says nice things about what I wear, helps me out around the house, dances in the kitchen with me, stands and listens to me when I talk, and asks me out for dates occasionally. I, in turn, tell him I am proud of him, call him when I am running late, make his favorite dinner, watch "guy flicks," give him time to be with friends, and hug him when he is in a "funk." We have decided to be "in-love" for a lifetime. I don't just want to be married. I want to be crazy about my spouse.

So here are 8 things about my marriage. I am tagging:
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AngelaTIC said...

You were getting married the day I found my husband at Wal-Mart.

Jen Barney said...

I tell ya- love isn't it grand...

Kathy Douglas said...

You should write a book about marriage. It sounds like good advice for everyone. I may copy it for my newly wedded children!