Monday, August 27, 2007

She's Back!

My grandmother has 7 children. Her youngest daughter, my aunt, is my favorite. Growing up I spent countless Friday nights having sleepovers at her house. If I had an event, she was there. She took me on vacation as a kid. She was my fan club. You know how you have an adult in your life that you look up to? She is that girl for me. When anything goes on in my life, I go to her. I can hear her still small voice in my head cheering me on. We tease one another about being working moms and all the craziness that comes with that load. I have vowed to care for her in her old age. (I can't wait!) She loves coffee and dogs. In my mind when I think of having a sister, I think of her.
Today, at the age of 50, she quit everything and decided to go back to school. Today was her first day at the University of Saint Francis. The last time I spoke with her I teased her about her husband taking her picture with her bookbag on the front porch. We laughed about her heavy books. Mostly I could see the elation in her eyes. She has decided to do something for her. After raising two beautiful children and maintaining a home she has decided to be who she has dreamed of being. I find my role in life changing with her. I used to be cheered by her and now I find myself being her cheerleader. I am so proud of who she is becoming, who she is, and where she has come from. Her stars are aligning.
I know that she is scared and anxious. I know that she is excited and driven. I hope she will feel that still quiet voice that I have always heard, cheering her on!
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Jen Barney said...

Hooray for Aunt "NootNye"!!!!

Stacey Shubitz said...

She is so brave. Kudos to her!