Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Observation Station

So part of my classroom is going to be devoted to the "Observation Station." I have been collecting things all summer. Pine cones, sticks, shells, Locust shells, and different natualistic treasures. I didn't have many shells to put at my observation station because I always want to keep the best for a dish I have at home. This dish sits on my coffee table in the "pretty" room as my youngest calls it. It is the room that we use the least often. It is quiet and has a squishy couch perfect for reading and being quiet. The tray has wonderful shells but I am not ready to sacrifice them to 25 little paws that are making observations.

Yesterday my luck struck and my wonderful "Newt Ny" (Auny Ny) gave us 3 buckets, yes, I said three buckets... of sea shells. My husband has a salt water aquarium that will be housing quit a few of these shells but, the rest are mine. All mine. Can you just see my observation station? Here are a few shots I took of the precious homes of sea creatures.


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Jen Barney said...

They will beable to hear the magic ocean!!