Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home is where the heart is...

This post is two-fold:

1. I was inspired by Ruth to find art in my everyday living. I looked around my house and found various collections. Mostly, I looked in just one room. I have lots of collections, things that I love. I am posting pictures here so that I can share them with you. This is one of the places that I find art, at home.

2. I was also inspired by the Two Writing Teachers to write about my home. I have posted pictures of my favorite part of my home. The living room. This is not where everyone hangs out. Usually it is where one person hangs out and has quiet time. I play the piano here, I read volumes of material here, and this is the place where no one dictates what's in this room. I decided what furniture, decor, and "treasures" will be in this room. It is "my space." This is where I can place my most favorite things. I only have one more task to finish this room, color.
More than anything, this is the place that I feel comfortable and at home. My home is a wonderful place, a nest, a solace, this is where I hide.

Here is where my home is:

A picture of my Merlot coffee table, my comfortable reading couch, and a splash of quilt color, and a very cheap metal accent.
My husband hates this chair. The polka dot chair is my fave! It is so out of the ordinary from the rest of the furniture in my house. It is what I would smother the house in if it was just me and my artsy self. Again, this is my room!
This quilt adds a splash of color to the back of a grey couch. I need color. It goes with my optimistic personality I guess. Color!

These are two of my favorite things. They are pieces of the beach, in Indiana. The first is a glass plate full of shells, sand dollars, and broken bits of coral. The second is an urn that holds one sprig of beach grass that my youngest daughter picked(she wasn't supposed to I know but she was just 3 at the time. She didn't know, and we cherish it)while at the beach. These are a few of my favorite things.

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