Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rain on Sunday...

by Sarah Amick
Three heads sit gazing,
at rain so amazing,
out the window at the rain,
quenching grass the hue of grain.
The ground opens up,
thunder invades so abrupt
Each blade gathers enough;
clouds like an enormous purple puff.
We rejoice, at the window the thunder has led,
Excited, and hopeful our world of green won't turn dead;
We sit reflecting, silent and still
The rain, the moisture like an uplifting pill;
Flashing, clapping, hear the loud pop,
wondering, waiting, please don't stop.

This poem has been published before but again, summer rain is so uplifting. It cools eveything off and weighs all the plant life down. Tomorrow the flowers will look spectacular. Today they look heavy and full, like my relatives after a Thanksgiving meal!


Jone said...

This is lovely. Do you know about the first kidlit blogger's conference in Chicago? Visit here for the details. I am going to go. A lot is going on in the world of children's lit and blogging.

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

What a refreshing poem to read today. I'm down here in Nashville where it is about 100 degrees, and I would love for some clouds to roll in and pour down some rain on us!

Sarah said...

Sarah, I loved the photos with the poem. The green in the pictures looked so lush, as if it had just rained. You're not going to believe this, but my maiden name was Sarah Imrick. Im is pronounced like in. And then rick. How do you pronounce your last name.