Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I am Pondering...

So, because I am marinating after the All Write Conference here are some things that I am trying to study or research:

1. More about launching Writer's Notebooks- I am launching WN because I know my class and they were already complaining about the use of folders, three pages of stories and their inablity to organize. I need more information about launching, collecting things to write about, and teaching the concepts of the Writer's Notebook.

2. I need to purchase more books for my students that are on a second grade level since I am looping. I hope some of you have some great titles that you would like to send my way for that grade level. My students are pretty great readers so send me whatever!

3. Mini lessons for both reading and writing workshop. This is going to take some time and a little help from the curriculum department of FWCS. I hope they have these things ready, because it is time to get geared up for second grade.

I am awake and ready to go, my fire is ablaze! Here we go...


Kathy Douglas said...

Remember the book: Notebook Know How? You all did it as a book study. That might help you. Remember, this is a place to collect things...not actually write drafts. My 2nd graders had notebooks and were fine, but they look different than say 4th graders' notebooks. You know I will be there to support you with lesson ideas!!!

Jen Barney said...

Can't wait to share WNB stuff with you! Have some ideas about launching and stuff. When do you want to get together?

Stacey Shubitz said...

I'd love to hear how the launching of notebooks goes in your class!

Ingrid said...

If you can get your fanny there on Monday the 30th, I've got some ideas for WN, and some titles...this might be a great topic for a Meet and Greet sometime, too. Glad your fire is ablaze...let's keep this momentum going.

Sarah said...

Sarah-You inspire me. I'm so excited that you are going to be teaching second grade next year. I'm trying to keep up with my blogging, but, I'm struggling with things to say.


Amy said...

I teach second grade, too. We keep writer's notebooks, but not exactly like many of the writing workshop books say to do it. My students have some assigned prompts and topics to writing about some of the time. It is still a work in progress.

We begin with biography bags. The students take them home and collect flat stuff (magazine picture, photos, stickers, coupons, etc...) that helps to describe themselves. Then we spend several days talking with the class and to partners about the "stories" in our bags. I model with my bag of stuff.

The students also write about themselves for the front of their notebooks. I type it with their name and the year to put on the front of their notebooks with their pictures from the first day.

I have been exploring writing this summer. I keep seeing "write everyday" also. I have also created a list of sites that correlate with writing. (Graduate school project - not just for fun.) Here it is if you are interested.

It sounds like you have lots of great support. Have fun writing!

David said...

I enjoyed your website. I, too, just worked with writers' notebooks
with the kids. We are getting many ideas from them. I have a web site called zzwriter

Thank you,