Friday, June 13, 2008

Poetry Friday...

So my "job" this summer is to teach swim lessons at a public pool. So far I have loved every minute, teaching while kids have fun doing something is very rewarding! I am on an antibiotic though that cut my week short because it makes me super sensitive to the sun. Being an almost redhead that means that by Wednesday night I had blisters, and basically a bad case of sun poisoning. I called my boss, who was very understanding, (thanks Jen) and was let go of my duties until Tuesday. Here is my poem about my experience:

Sun Poisoned
by Sarah Amick
The day wears on...
antibiotic sensitive
splashing all around, smiles, and laughter
"The Wheels on the bus..."
smathering on sunscreen
keep applying...
blistered, tender, prickly heat
superpowered antibiotic breaks through
keep applying...
core temperature rising
nausea, dehydration
surrounded by water
like a sizzled egg where skins exposed
healing now, itchy skin, daily waiting
for the nerves to heal
the skin to mend
returning to normal
swim lessons


Jen Barney said...

Hey you sun poisoned freak, hope you feel better. You kiddos really miss you. Where's the little lady? Oh yes, that is what they asked.

Take care and see you on Tuesday.

Katie Dicesare said...

OH Sarah...I am trying to help my boys keep from frying too!! Hope you heal fast!!

Kathy Douglas said...

Don't you get too sick to come to the Summer Insitute! Can't wait to see you all. Take care of yourself. At least it is cooler this week and maybe not as sunny???

The Big D said...

Hey, my wife is teaching me how to comment, but that is as far as it goes. I will never be a blogger. Nice work!