Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June's Slice of Life... A Little Late!

We all gathered from many different directions at the local restaurant of her choice. My little family of four, my mother, my aunt, her son, and my second cousin, along with the guest of honor. A mismatch group of 9 gathered for her celebration. My aunt bringing in the cake, the color of a Mary Kay Cadillac. We all chose our spot, we ordered carefully from the menu, conversation flitting like a butterfly from person to person, guest to guest. Our food arrives and we bow our heads reverently as my mother prays for our food, our fellowship, and for the life we are celebrating. We all nod our heads at her example, her constant love, and our overwhelming joy to have her still with us. We ask that her life be able to celebrate many more years with us at this time in June.
We discuss her upcoming events, today she will celebrate with us, tomorrow she will celebrate with high school chums! This month she will attend bridal showers for grandchildren, DAR meetings, and on and on and on... her calendar always full.
After our meal we light sparkler candles, we sing in perfect harmony, and we cut the cake.
We arise from our chairs, collect our to-go boxes, and exit from the restaurant hugging.
"See you on Friday," I say.
"Love you!" she smiles back...
Happy Birthday Grandma, 83...


BK said...

Rock on Grandma! What a rich life to celebrate and model

Jen Barney said...

Tell Babs Happy B-day from me too! Our grandmas rock on in their 80's!

Stacey Shubitz said...

83... wow!

Kathy Douglas said...

Big D and I will be traveling to Utah next week to visit (surprise) his mother for her 80th. What a great celebration you had! And what wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Ingrid said... cool. I don't get the fortune to have grandma anymore, but she was wickedly active until she died at 102. I don't think I want to live that long, do you?