Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The All Write Conference (year 2, for me anyway!)

Since Sunday I have been without husband and children. I have had no responsibilities, just taking care of myself. I have been in Shipshewana, IN attending a reading and writing conference. I have been a life-long learner.
Recently I discussed with my dear friend my summer motivation. I am teaching swim lessons, attending this conference, preparing for one at the end of the summer, waiting for July 14th Sydni's surgery date, going to the library... on and on and on my summer goes. I am not doing very much professionally. Lately I have been unwilling to pick up books, plan lessons, or even think about school. And then June 22 rolled around and my dear friend Kirsten picked me up in her Honda to go on a journey. This is where the story really begins, this is the heart, Penny Kittle and Georgia Heard would draw a heart around this part.
My journey over the last couple of days has been very reflective. You see prior to the conference I have been stagnate, just letting the days of the summer "stuff" roll over me and keep me busy. I think we all need to just let the moments of life rush over us, collecting, and brewing until a moment comes when we are ready to release our thoughts, passions, and ideas into the world. Katherine Bomer, on Monday, says that "we should write what we are obsessing about," because these are the things that are really going to matter. She gave me time then, to go off into the sunny summer day to lay on my belly and just expose my writing "bones." I produced some really great things in my WN, I hope to share them someday with all of you.

I also had a chance to hear the greatest speaker ever, Lester Laminack, I am a huge fan. Even though I probably have heard him say the same things, they still touch my heart each time. His passion for placing words within the realm of young minds is addicting. I needed addicting right now. I needed someone to relight my flame. Not burned out, my flame had just not been stoked, and fanned. The conference gave me a chance to reboot, reload, rejuvenate. I am marinating...

Finally, I leave you with a quote from Pamela Munoz Ryan (actually it's not hers but I can't remember to whom she gave credit, and yea, I heard her too!):
"Every time we ask a child to read aloud in school it is a test.
When we read aloud to a child in school it is a gift."


Jen Barney said...

Hey lady... thanks for the b-day wishes. We will talk at swimming about the coffee stuff- need to get our fires rolling about next year.
saw lola's comment you awesome teacher!

Katie Dicesare said...

I am always rejuvenated after good professional conferences. I was also so inspired by Lester, Georgia and Pam M Ryan. Each one of their presentations ignited me as well. I am also so glad to read your posts and hear your thinking...thanks.

Stella said...

I am a big fan of Lester Laminack as well. he is fantastic. I have one of his quote in my class...I think you will like it. He said, "Reading is breathing in, Writing is breathing out!" How awesome is this!