Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

Okay, so last week I didn't post about this? Guess life just got in the way!
Here is my day in numbers:
Number of pounds lost last week: 1.9 (only 1/10 of a pound away from 2!)
Number of pounds lost this week, December 12, 2007: 2.9 (only 1/10 of a pound away from 3!)

(My precious Babs in her festive Christmas wear, with her dear sweet Sydni, an icing duo! Love that Babs!)
Number of cut out cookies baked, and iced: 59
Number of knives licked by Sydni: 4 (there were four colors of frosting!)
Number of different kinds of cookies baked: 4
Number of years baking an obscene amount of cookies in one night: 10????
Number of Hershey Kisses left unused by peanut butter blossoms: 4

We do it every year. We load up all our baking gear, literally my aunt, mom, and grandmother bring baking sheets, big bowls, all their sprinkles, vanilla, powdered sugar, food coloring, sugar, flour, etc. My kitchen gets overtaken. Grandma begins by unwrapping chocolates, my mother begins making seven layer bars, and I begin making Mexican Wedding rings. My aunt prepares her peppermint bark while the children roll out dough to start cutting out cookies. It is mass chaos basically. It is the best chaos ever! The kitchen heats up, the coffee pot starts steaming, and the chatter begins. We laugh, we bake, we love. In the end, after all the cookies, bars, bark, and frostings have been finished we gather our tupperware and start sorting. We divvy up the goodies, hug each other tight and head for home. My girls get tucked in by Newt Ny, Amy, and Mimi Ford. Sydni can't sleep because her veins have sugar racing through them. The cookie extravaganza is complete...

If you invite me to a gathering, guess what I'll be bringing? It is so worth it when you come to my home unannounced, guess what I'll be serving?

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