Thursday, December 20, 2007


For the last several weeks I have been contemplating this word: peace. What does it mean? Why is it so important? Why does it keep passing through my mind? I sometimes get so crazed at this time of the year. I race this way and that, I make list after list, I buy and I wrap. I have so much to do. This time of year is not peaceful. While I was wrapping gifts the other day my children asked me questions about each person that I was wrapping for, we discussed what we bought and why we felt they needed a gift. My daughter asked what I wanted for Christmas.
I couldn't answer her, I don't have a list. I simply answered, "My cup runneth over, you are all I need."
This is what peace is, it is finally feeling content with what you have been given.
My mind has also been thinking about how we are a country at war, this Christmas our country is not at peace. Peace doesn't even seem near. Many families do not have peace in their homes because of the war on terror. This is where my heart has been drifting lately. I don't have a stance on the war. I have not kept abreast at what is happening, or even a timeline of events. I only know that I want it to end, I want our troops home. I, a person who has no ties to anyone in the military, only want them to be home because I want them to be with their families. I want there to be peace for them, I want them to be able to say, "My cup runneth over..."
So, how can I be proactive, what can I do to make it more peaceful? What can one person accomplish?
The USO, Until Every One Comes Home
Support Our Troops is a website that has a whole list of organizations that you can choose from to make the time easier for troops and their families. Visit and choose.
How will you contribute to the peace here on earth?

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