Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wee Thoughts

So, today there is a daytime moon. It's beautiful. My almost 5 year old has her reasonings why the moon would be out in the daytime. Purely unscientifically we have told her that the moon and the sun are awake during our lives to provide us with light. When the sun gets tired it goes to bed and then the moon arrives. They do this every day and night. Today upon seeing the daytime moon my daughter said:
"Maybe the moon falled asleep before it was supposed too. It just needed a nap. When it woke back up it was daytime. You know mommy the moon doesn't get to see the peoples ever and so the moon decided to stay away all day. I bet he is really going to be tired tomorrow. Look, here is the nuts in my apple!"

I thought to myself, what a wonderful story. I like living in a world that is purely unscientific. I mean I know the reasons why the moon and sun arrive each night and day. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.... Sometimes it is just more fun thinking about the sun and moon as living breathing creatures that need sleep and they want to see the "peoples."

Oh yeah, the "nuts" in the apple? They are really seeds, we brought those home and talked daddy into putting them into a plastic bag with paper towel moisture. When they "hatch" we're going to plant them so that we can have an apple tree in our yard.

Also, she wants to know if it would be okay to take noodle soup to preschool. "Do you think that would be a nice snack to share mama, wif my new friends?"

Ah, the wee thoughts....


Jen Barney said...

What a goof she is.... Marryn wants to share Sadie with the class?!? What do you think about that one??

PS.. You don't want an apple tree in the back! It's a mess. We have one, come and dig it out & you can have it for free!!!

Ruth Ayres said...

living in a purely unscientific world

I'm adding this line to my writer's notebook. I love it. What a great kind of world to live in. Ten years ago, as a biology major, I would have never thought I'd appreciate the unscientific world as much as I do. Thank goodness for changes and creativity that can't stay harnessed!

Katie Dicesare said...

Your little one's wonderings reminds me of a purple book of fingerplays called Too Many Rabbits. One of the finger plays is called Grandma Moon. This fingerplay sings a purely unscientific poem on the moon being in the daytime sky.