Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big D and the Others...

So I was one of the lucky ones that showed up in Coldwater, MI today to have my new book signed by Patricia Polacco. You can see me with the author at Jen's. It was a great day. I wrote a poem to commensurate the day. (Big D is Kathy's husband. Kathy is my facilitator at school. They came for the day. He finally got to meet us all, and he did a pretty great job knowing who we all were. Good job Big D!)

Big D and the Others...
A warm sunny morning
A crowded corner, a rainbow of crocs
Books- in laps, in arms, in bags:
plastic and paper
new ones, old ones, crisp and worn
Talking, questions, laughing, nodding affirmatively
A line forms, butterflies flutter,
Big D watches, with the others
Books laid flat, introductions are made,
a smile, a comment...
The others gather around the one on display
"Smile, say cheese!" says Big D
The others comply, the flash finishes
and Big D leaves-
The others elated, giddy with glee;
Books all signed:
in laps, in arms
butterflies set free...

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Kathy Douglas said...

Hey, here's what Big D says:
I never in a million years thought I would rate appearing on someone's blog. I am honored. I'm still trying to figure out "Big D". By the way, you seem to have a sense of humor, and you are quite the talent. Thanks.