Thursday, September 13, 2007

Interactive Read Aloud

Picture the spring, when first graders are almost second graders, my facilitator comes in to teach Interactive Read Aloud. I love it, I think it is very closely why I began to teach. I think, "wow, this is something I can do!" Fast forward-
Twenty five early fall first graders huddled in a circle trying desperately to sit still, focus, listen carefully, etc. Imagine, their teacher ready to just chuck it all until spring! This was until...
I read an email from that very same facilitator, I sat with a much shorter book and magic occur ed!
Mem Fox's, she never fails, Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild was the text that I used to introduce a better Interactive Read Aloud. We sat in a circle, we sat with a friend of our choice. I read, and then after the first transition in the story I turned to my partner and modeled!!! the the conversation they were to have with their partner. (Did you miss that? I MODELED for them.) We discussed what we did correctly, we talked about staying on topic, and then they practiced. It was a magical lesson. I am once again on board.
Here are some things that I really need to introduce:
1. How to talk in the group without raising their hand, just not getting that!
2. How to agree, add, and disagree while supporting their responses.
3. Staying focused on the read aloud.
4. Management, management, management...
Wish me luck!

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