Monday, September 10, 2007

Want Less...

So a while back I posted a poem about wanting less, you can read it here. On Sunday the sermon my minister gave was about what drives you. I got to thinking about what drives me... my children, my husband, obviously, but also my level of professionalism. I love what I do. I am a pretty dedicated professional. I was wondering, do I keep this balanced? Do I give too much to one or the other? Hmmmmm.....

A while back I wrote this poem, and I didn't really know where it came from? Perhaps it will touch you in some way. In the end, answer that question for yourself, "What drives you?"

If I were selfish...
by Sarah Amick
My car would be cleaner
My language would be dirtier
I would always be late;
My bed would always be made
I would never return your calls,
check on you, or listen carefully to your pain;
If I were selfish
My laundry baskets would never be full
I would spend more money on delicate food,
My health would be unimportant but...
my gym membership would be expensive
If I were selfish
I would shop even when things weren't on sale
I would not value holidays, traditions,
or nostalgia
If I were selfish,
I would go on vacation and take pictures,
not of people, but of places.
If I were selfish
I would use the words:
I, my, and me with frequency


Stacey Shubitz said...

What an inspiring poem for all of us who teach and put ourselves second.

Ruth Ayres said...

I like how this gets to the heart of what's important to you -- but in an "outside of the box" way. What a twist on the normal way of thinking about priorities. It inspires me to write about what drives/motivates me. Thanks!