Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Seven Imp posted this post with these questions. There was a contest involved, I didn't get in on that but loved the questions. I thought they would make very interesting things to write about in my notebook. Here are my answers:
How would someone find you in a crowd?
My husband and I often laugh about this very thing. It just happened to me last week. Strangers come up to me, let see... EVERYWHERE and say, "Do I know you from somewhere?" I used to try to help them figure it out but now we just laugh. You will find me in the crowd because I am the short one with that face that is "just so familiar!"

If you had a secret room in your house what would be in it?
This is a sunny room that overlooks a wonderful scene. I have a dark room for my photos, an artists nook with paints and canvas. My notebooks have not just words but sketches of future paintings lying on a table by a bookshelf filled with books that are inspiring. In this room there is a chair with an ottoman that fits only me. Hardwood floors, white billowy curtains, a good lamp, can you smell the Murphy's Oil Soap?

Where do you like to walk to from your house?
To the wooded path that runs by our house. After leaving the woods you can walk down to the marsh, in the spring the red-wing blackbirds are the first to arrive bringing their song of spring. The dog and I linger here on the wooden path sometimes we even sit on the lonely bench to watch the world around us.

How will you change as you grow?
I will remain open to new ideas while using my common sense to lean upon.

What sort of animal would you like to be?
A Great Blue Heron, sleek, graceful, shy to the world.

If you haven't pondered these questions think about them. They are very reflective of your creative spirit. You know me, I'm all about artsy!


Jen Barney said...

I am going to do this too!!!

Kathy Douglas said...

First, I would find you in a crowd by the one with the big smile and the impish look in her eye!

Second, thank you for these questions. I have to judge the Miss Ft Wayne pageant tomorrow and these will make great interview questions!

Ruth Ayres said...

love that you wrote: I'm all about artsy.

I read this post several days ago, but missed your last line. I'm inspired to follow your lead now. :)