Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Sense of Community

Today was a good day. During the All Write Conference the other teachers from my school decided that we should start a club. A once a month group that meets to just share ideas. We decided to meet in each other's rooms and then bring something to share with the group. I remembered after the start of the school year that we had agreed to this and send out an all school e-mail. My principal embraced this and encouraged the teachers to attend. I am not sure how many people came but it was successful. We shared ideas, we talked, we supported, we planned, and we became a bigger community. We decided who would host next month. I am so excited to touch base with them again. I am not sure if it was all that we dreamed it would be... but it was something.

I also wanted to share one of the coolest things that I acquired for my classroom. My children love her. She likes seeds, she can stand on one leg for a very long time, and she is very interesting to watch. Many students from other rooms come to visit her in the morning (my how word gets around). Jen Barney's son loves her and thinks they should get one too. My own children can't wait for her to get home each evening. She is Abby the cockatiel.

She is a rescue cockatiel. I rescued her from the ASPCA, didn't know they had birds did you? I am unsure of her age but she is the sweetest bird I have ever owned. This is my third experience with cockatiels and so far she is extraordinary! I wanted to get her so that my kids had something that they could care for, it would teach them how to be gentle to smaller things, and they could learn about rescuing. Abby, is the perfect bird for all of those things. Here is a picture, only because my summer friend requested! (Love you Barneys!)


Jen Barney said...

We are toooo much alike! I swear that we must have been twins in a past life- (kind of like that movie with Danny Devito and Arnold S.- "Twins" I think it was.)
I JUST finished my post on what you said- I had fun! Thanks for hosting it!

Kathy Douglas said...

As I told Jen, I was so proud of you guys last night. It was awesome. You all are making a big difference in Haley. I couldn't believe the crowd. Let me know when the next one is. I WILL be there! I told the All Write mentors about you all. (Bragging) By the way, DD and I will see you Saturday! I got my book today.