Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Fall...

My daughters and I were shopping this weekend at the Hobby Lobby. We noticed all of the great decorations that they have for Halloween and Fall. We love fall at our house. Both my husband and I love fall. He loves to fish and hunt in the fall. I love to walk outside in the fall. The crunch of the leaves, the smell of the trees, the sights and colors as you feel the soft subtle hint of winter in the breeze. Ahhh, fall.
My children were both born during the fall months, they love fall because of birthdays and the start of school. Ah, fall.
We go to a local orchard at least once a week and buy a bag of apples, we eat them one by one. We look forward to this event each harvest time. My daughters watch for the open sign by the Cook's Apple Orchard that says, "OPEN." We purchased two bags of Cortland apples, we took them home and peeled, cored, and chopped the apples. We froze bags of them for later use in recipes. We spent even more money to buy eating apples, small and sweet they are the perfect snack to carry on a fall walk in the woods. Ah, fall.
Later, in October, my daughter will go on a field trip to the farm. She will ride in a hay wagon through the acres of pumpkins and gourds. She will press apple cider, walk through a maze, and learn all about the upcoming maple syrup harvesting. At the end, they will have a hot dog roast. She will learn to love fall.
What do you love about fall?


Jen Barney said...

I love the smell of a bonfire, turtle necks, sweaters, my comfy birkenstocks, festivals, one last bike ride, pumpkin spice muffins, coffee in the morning, Hilgers Farm Fest, the cool breeze in my window-

Cathy said...

Jen took my answer...but seriously, I love the changing and the reminder that something greater is going on around us and we have no power to change it. I love the colors of the leaves, the crunch under my feet, the wearing of layers (glad I have my jean jacket now), and I'm excited to learn how to run in the cooler temps.

How are things going with you? What are you thinking? Have you asked your kids that question...I love hearing some of their answers. I'm excited to move past the reading of text into other comprehension strategies...and I have so many resources I feel like I won't have enough school time to teach it and it's ONLY September (okay the end of it). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ruth Ayres said...

I love that Fall is a reminder to slow down. Nature is slowing down, preparing to hunker down for the winter. And I am too.

I love cooking a big pot of soup, baking homemade bread, and lingering over the dinner table or beside the fireplace in comfortable conversation.