Saturday, September 1, 2007

First Grade Conferencing

So, before my students begin writing I have them plan their writing with a friend. This is where I say, "Go knee to knee with a friend and discuss what you will be writing." One of my students last week went knee to knee with me. I said, "What are you going to write about M?"
M. said, "I want to write about candy."
Me: "Do you know a lot about candy?"
M. "Oh, yes, I love candy!"
Me: "So, will your piece be an all about piece?"
M. Blank Stare (means what is Mrs. Amick talking about?)

Here I am beginning to be intrigued. We don't do all about pieces until later. M. is a struggling reader. She is not at the top of the writing scale either. She is average first grader. How can I support her? Think Think Think Think

Me: "M. I would really love to try something with you and I think we could share it with the class when it is finished. Would you like to work together on this?"
M: Big smile, nod, affirmation!

M. and I sit and discuss how she could make an all about piece about different kinds of candy. We discuss and make a list of her favorites. We describe her first candy, the Snickers Bar. She begins and is very successful. She creates several first grade sentences about the Snickers Bar. At the end of writing we discuss that each day, if she wants, she can write about each kind of candy. (How exciting!)
I go home and write! I write about cereal. I create a mentor text for M. to show her the next day. We have been writing already! 10 days into the writer's workshop and already I am amazed at my children and their accomplishments.
I will keep you posted on the, All About Candy book! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


Jen Barney said...

Yeah!!! I can't wait until ISTEP is over to move forward with my W.W.- Thanks for the help on Friday. I will need it this year!

Kathy Douglas said...

And you said you didn't know how to conference! Way to go, Sarah! Can't wait to come to your writer's workshop when I get back to your school!