Sunday, September 16, 2007

Do my words matter?

I have a kiddo in my class this year that contemplates this question during each Writer's Workshop.
Are my words worth the effort?
Do my words matter?
Why do we write?
So, I have been generating some different ways to get him to write. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Writing to a pen-pal.
2. Later, having him share his writing with that pen pal.
3. Have him keep a notebook that he can write down lists, writing ideas, keep artifacts, and just become a writer. (My biggest fear is that he is "just" a first grader, can he do it?)
4. Share my own writing with him, and perhaps pair him with an older student so that he can see those mentor notebooks.
My ideas are just in the beginning stages. I am awestruck at how much my summer reading and professional experiences have prepared me for this year and this group of students. It pays off in the end to study best practices (duh!). I am able to help my students as they grow as writers. If you have any ideas that could benefit my kiddo I would appreciate any help you have for me.


Jen Barney said...

Well... you know some lil' boy who would love to write back to him!!! We will get that ball rolling ASAP.

Sarah said...

Have you ever used dialogue journals. I do this once a week with my students. We write back and forth in a notebook. It starts casually then progresses to book and writing discussions, recommendations come in too.

On the first day of school I modeled writing back and forth with a person without talking. It is a blast! It was the very first thing I had them write. It was a game. No talking is aloud. Each person starts with a greeting and you go to the next line when you change writers. This can be done between and adult and child or between children.

Katie Dicesare said...

Love your ideas...let us know how it goes. Will asking him to share help? Sometimes I even ask reluctant writers to share a piece, like for a progress share... first the student did this and now is brave enough to do this kinda thing? Maybe too soon. Just thoughts.

Katie Dicesare said...

Glad to hear your kiddo is feeling more confident! Writer identity is so big!Words do matter. Thanks so much keeping me posted. My week has been nuts! I hope to post soon. I hope this comment doesn't get lost. Katie