Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Have I Done?

Well, I have taken the advice of another colleague and subscribed to my first blog spot. I know that will become an addict but am looking forward to the knowledge I gain from the information highway.

Today I was pondering how tired I am of this school year. Why has this year been tougher? What has been coming my way faster than any other year?
I then administered the DRA to a couple of my students and found them making tremendous gains. Have I helped with this? Is this some fruit of my labor? I remember these same students coming in the first days of first grade and I wondered if we would see any gains at all! Now they are strong fluent readers!!!!
I then took a listen to my children being read to by another teacher and really enjoying a book like only they can do. (My class LOVES a good read aloud) Have I fostered that in them? Have I allowed them to read and discuss and digest the written word of another writer? I have tried. If their laughter and sheer delight I heard coming from my classroom are any indication of what I have accomplished this year then I am pleased with how tired I am of the school year. I have done my part in encouraging the love of reading! Wow! My first graders , bubble students to the ones needing enrichment, will walk out of my room and know that a book will take them anywhere!


Jen Barney said...

I am so excited for you Sarah... Seriously, this is such an amazing thing. I love to go and search for new ideas-or-just be inspired to do what I love so much!
You are doing an amazing job with your treasures... you foster an environment that clearly models great reading and writing habits. Your students are growing in EVERYWAY!
PS... Thanks for being such an amazing teacher in crime and blog buddy!

Ruth Ayres said...

Sarah --
I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thanks so much for sharing your learning & your reflection on the year.

Jim said...

Did you visit Ruth's site. I can't wait to share the author's messages with my students. I was kind of dissappointed this afternoon when we visited your site and Jenny's. I thought there would be more dialogue and more participation. Tomorrow I will try independent participation and see if they respond. This is so cool. Your site is very impressive. Blog on.