Friday, May 25, 2007

Smell the Roses

So I found this new sight that has quotes for the day. Here is the link: and the May 1, 2007 post inspired this poem.

A Single Moment
by Sarah Amick
My world is filled with single moments
I see them everyday...
the wind as it lit my face while pushing my grocery cart.
White socks, a Sunday morning paper,
and a cup of Joe;
the giggles after the tickle monster, peek-a-boo,
and "getcha, getcha, getcha..."
Lilacs in the wind,
Catching lightning bugs for nightlights, racing snails,
and seeing if the pinch of a crawdad really hurts.
A Card from grandma,
the sound of snap peas, creaky rocking chairs,
and the youngest's version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Wittle Star,"
Laundry hung on the line;
An X-Large sweatshirt at a late fall football game, wooly mittens,
and marshmallows with cocoa,
Everyday I see them
Everywhere they come my

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Just Me Again said...

Beautiful. I love your poem! Thanks so much for the linking. So glad to read you were inspired by the quotes I post! Thank you!