Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Smells of Life...

A couple of friends lately have been reminding me about the way things smell. My husband says that I have a super sniffer. Sometimes this is a blessing and a curse. Here is a poem for the spirit of all things smelly.
Oh, I Love the Smell of...
by Sarah Amick
Breathe in the smell of rain
as the wind carries it in:
"smells like rain..."
Breathe in the nostalgic smells of a kitchen baking;
a grandmother humming, afterschool cookies,
and cakes for celebrations;
Breathe in a child
before the eyes of dawn appear
all snuggled under the covers of a restful night;
Imprint them in your memory.
Breathe in the awareness of the one you love
left on the garments as you gather them for the wash,
Take a moment and
breathe in...
Check out other smelly sights like:
They are very stinky!


Kathy Douglas said...

You are an amazing poet. I can't believe how it just flows out of you! Can you send me Mr. Megles' blog address? I may see Ruth tomorrow. Can't wait to talk to her about all of you! Did you read what she said about your site...awesome!

Sarah Amick said... is Jim's. You can access it through Jen's if you have trouble. Also, if you check my comments he has written to me and you can link to him that way. I love what Ruth has said about me. Have you seen Kirsten's? Lots of cool stuff about Kathy Douglas, our mentor and friend.

Jen Barney said...

Sarah- You are too cool!

Mandy Greulach said...

Don't you love smell? I think it's one of our senses we don't use enough. You mentioned in your peom about the smell of a child all snuggled. This may sound ridiculous but I can relate through Daisy. She has the sweetest smell when she wakes up. It's a smell of calmness. It makes me comfortable!

Kirsten said...

WOW - Have you ever considered publishing your are amazing. As a person and a poet!