Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poetry on Sunday....

The Path of Sweat
By Sarah Amick

Rush of the crowd,
Feel the adrenaline building.
The warm bodies perspire at the sound
of the bell.
The sweet smell of sweat appearing and
glistening on the evertiring men;
Then, droplets of it explode from the forcefulness of the blows.
Sweat on sweat as bodies collide in a wire cage;
Sweat falling on a well worn man,
Can you smell it?
Can you see that it's here?
The towel wipes the salty liquid from the
face flashed red, swollen, and battered.
The face is dripping sweat of uncertainty
it, the sweat, trickles slowly down the arm that is raised victorious.

Recently, because I love the roar of a crowd, I went to the LFC match. (This is like Ultimate fighting!!!!) After attending I was inspired to write this poem. It just goes to show that a poem can be written about anything. It truly was fun to go to this match and the friend I went to see won. We were all very pleased. Our waitress was a middle school teacher and a teacher who shall remain anonymous was there to watch someone very special to her. We all need to step out of our comfort zone and attend something totally unexpected. Who knows, it could inspire you to write poetry......

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Sarah- Nice....we'll talk Monday.