Saturday, May 26, 2007

The One Who Calls Me Mama

I am always amazed that my four year-old still calls me, "Mama." It is so endearing and I don't want to forget how this makes me feel. I tried to capture parts of her in this poem.

The One Who Calls Me Mama
by Sarah Amick
Says her best friend is a
dog named, Millie;
Wants to ride the bus like her sister,
is scared of bugs;
Sings along to songs like Van Morrison's
"You are my brown-eyed girl."
Lip syncs to songs in public,
says things like,
"Birds love berries, and I love birds."
snuggles the most,
Loves to swing, surrounds herself with friends
and yet will be found alone, but not lonely;
Mama says, "My favorite Sydni in the whole wide world!"
I love you, too


Cathy said...

Sarah, thanks for the comment...I'll be thinking of you as I travel to Fort Wayne to visit Jefferson Pointe today...can you clarify more of what you mean by accountable talk? I've been amazed this year with the conversations my kids have with me and when they share. But not quite sure off the top of my head what accountable talk is (I know I've read it, but drawing a blank) Feel free to post on mine or here.

Kathy Douglas said...

Sarah, you are an amazing poet. Be sure to keep these for your daughter to look back at when she is older! You make poetry look so easy. Did you try it with your first graders this year? If not, you should. I have a few simple lessons to start you off. I'll send them to you, if you want. What a journey we are on at the END of our school year!

Sarah Amick said...

I have not done poetry with my first graders. We have read some and enjoy it but we haven't written anything. I would love your simple lessons, especially for next year. I am willing to try anything. Send it my way. I think I love to write poetry so much because sometimes I feel like a walking thesaurus. I always have dozen or so ways to say the same things. It does just flow out of me. I would like to be better at the punctuation and line breaks though. I think that those crafts really help the words be delivered more effectively.

Kathy Douglas said...

You need to get Georgia Heard's books. However, she is going to be at Summer Institute! We will be sure and connect you to her. She has written several that you would love...the technique of writing poetry. I will bring mine on Wed. for you to look at, okay?

Jen Barney said...

Isn't it great to be a mommy!

Mandy Greulach said...

If only dogs could speak. I wonder what Daisy would say about me!! :)

Jen Barney said...

Hey MAMA- You have just been tagged by A Teacher's Life- Go to my blog to check it out.