Wednesday, May 30, 2007

4 New x 2 To You...

So I went blogging and found, somewhere, not sure where a woman who created a different sort of Meme and thought it sounded like fun! Ah, paybacks...
Here are the rules:

My new meme is called "4 New x 2". You have to share four things that were new to you in the past four years. I mean four things you learned or experienced or explored for the first time in the past four years. New house, new school, new hobby, new spouse, new baby, whatever. Then you have to say four things you want to try new in the next four years.

Four things in the past:
1. New House
2. New dog
3. Teaching first grade (and loving just about every minute)
4. New mini-van

Four things I want to do in the future:
1. Writing more poetry.
2. Independent Reader's Workshop
3. Start and perhaps finish my masters program (I cannot believe that I am voicing that out loud).
4. Be a certain size that I have been working at and seems attainable. (Mostly I just want to be heart healthy for my girls, the weight loss is just a benefit.)

There you have it, now I have to tag 4 blogging buddies.


Jen Barney said...

Listen woman- I have no life and your asking alot of me.....

Al Manning said...

Sarah I love converations with you-you always make me think. I love your smile and your quick witted nature. Here goes...

Four Things in the Past
1. New Ipod (my 4th one-I'm addicted)
2. Very Extreme Home Makeover (Unbelievable is more like it-Glad it's almost done!!!)
3. Writer's Workshop with Katie Wood Ray Internet College class (unbelievable experience!!!)
4. Met an Incredible Best Friend

Four Things in the Future
1. Spend more time relaxing and taking life easy.
2. Exploring Independent Reader's Workshop with Sarah and becoming better at Writer's Workshop.
3. Completing and submitting my Lilly Teacher Endowment Grant to go overseas and study drama and puppetry.
4. Finally finish a CD that I have been in the studio recording off and on for 2 years.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Thanks for stopping by. Like your list.

Mandy Greulach said...

Keep doing lists like these! It gets me to write!!!

Kirsten said...

I so don't understand this stuff. Jen says I was tagged. BUT...I am not sure where I was tagged or how I go about getting to tag others. HELP ME! BY the way...I want to meme too!