Friday, November 7, 2008

My Two Treasures

I took these photos recently of the girls. They are both oblivious to the fact that I am taking their pictue at these times. Recently, I have been reflecting on my life with them. It seems that eight years ago my life changed and now my two treasures are walking around in this giant world, unprotected. I question what I did before they were here walking this earth?
What did I do with my time?
Now my life, thoughts, actions, and emotions are wrapped up in these two little girls. I want so much for them, I want it all
Lately, I have felt this responsibilty the most as I haven't been able to attend all their field trips, as I have had to pick them up at school sick, and while the little one cries because,
"I want you to be a stay at home mommy like my friends."
As I look at these photos of them, oblivious, I see contentment.
I see happiness.
Their childhoods are more than most people can ask for, or have ever had.
I must push away the guilt, the questioning, the worry...
and just enjoy


Jen Barney said...

glad that you are feeling the same thing too.... it's been really hard this year. don't know why, just is. want to be everything to everyone.
think that maybe it is time for a coffee night for us?!?

Kathy Douglas said...

I remember those times. Now that my "baby" is 34,and a very successful police officer, I see I guess I did the right thing. He is now out there keeping others safe. Keep loving them to pieces when you are with them and treasure every minute!!!