Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Cool...

Tomorrow I have Parent/Teacher conferences. This week before school and after school I have been conducting conferences for parents who can't make it on Thursday. Already I am saying, "so cool." I have every one of my students signed up for confences. I usually have a great turnout but this year it has been easy to get parents signed up! My most favorite thing that we are discussing is choosing books for their child. More than a few times I have had parents asking me how to choose books at the library, on book orders, etc. They are truly looking for "just right" books for their student. This is exciting to me, it means that their student is wanting books, and the parents are understanding the value of books. Reading is becoming a priority in their homes!
During my 15 minutes I must again relay the power of reading at home with their child. Most of my parents are game, and they are seeing the results in their child. I have some parents that are still not getting it, they don't have time, they don't have the resources, they are not reading at home.
How can we get parents to understand the power of a reading time daily for their child?

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Sarah said...


Sending home a text for the parent to read to the child with a little note is one successful way to get a parent more involved. I'm not talking about just a baggie book. I mean, when a child picks out a book that is too hard to read on an independent level, sending it home with a note that tells the parent how excited their child was about the book. Then asking of the parent could read it to them. It sounds simple. But, with one set of very busy parents in my room, it worked? I'm keeping in touch with these parents and asking them when they need another suggestion. I'll cross my fingers.