Monday, March 10, 2008

The Promise of Spring

My budding photographer, snapping shots. Click here to see more, really very talented if I do say so myself!
This kid is a ham I tell you! She's had tonsillitis twice in the month of February. We just finished the last dose of antibiotics. An afternoon in the snow and woods hopefully will be good to clear the germs away!!!! (mommy really needs the germs to go away, come on spring!)
The surprise of raccoon tracks in the snow. Capturing the surprise in my girls' faces: priceless!
When do we stop imagining about things like this? At what age does that occur?
The girls, pleasantly being warmed by the sun. Melting snow all around. Carefree and young, may they always be able to enjoy the great outside.
"Come On Spring!" we all hope...


Susan Nations said...

Wow these photos are wonderful! You'll have to let me know what kind of camera they can use.


Kirsten said...

sarah....these photos are precious. i checked out the other pics sophie took. she's a natural! too cute!