Monday, March 17, 2008

Before the Break

So, this evening I finished my report cards for the third term. I can't believe that it's the third term. We have so much to do still.

We are starting our All About unit tomorrow. Hopefully, it will go better this time. (Cross your fingers)

I have a month and a half of stored up information to report for curriculum mapping. It just hasn't worked for me each time I get on... I am not a very positive person for the mapping.

I am being observed by my principal on Thursday, during my writing workshop time. This is for my Professional Growth Plan.

My daughter has gymnastics on Tuesday and I am going to Kindergarten Orientation for my youngest child (still trying to deny that my baby is going to Kindergarten).

We still have little milk carton bunnies to make and I have to play the role of Easter bunny.

I am planning a celebration for our Young Author's Books for next week.

The storm before the calm is happening in my life...

I am ready for the break. My family is ready for the break. I may sit for a week just catching up on some reading. Taking my children to the Toledo Zoo. Sleeping in, drinking coffee, and watching some "Good Morning America."

Come on break...

These girls need to spend some time just loafing around!


Anonymous said...

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Jen Barney said...

I am with ya sista!

Jen Barney said...

I am with ya sista!

Kathy Douglas said...

Love the picture! Glad you are trying the All About again. Hopefully it will go well this time. Loved the Meet and Greet tonight. Too bad more weren't there, but that is their loss! Looking forward to stopping in next week and visiting your babies!