Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Poem For Easter

Our Many Colored Eggs
by Sarah Amick

Blank canvases
like pearls from the sea

walls of protection, fragile, delicate;

One by one plucked from the carton

diving into colored liquids

red like love

blue like sorrow

green like growth

yellow like the sun

waiting, soaking, absorbing


a change from the blank canvas

the contrast, brilliant, vibrant;

radiant the egg waits for the others.

One by one they gather

each a different color

some with messages

All of them the color of their maker, designer

the artist.

One by one they gather

a bouquet, a rainbow, a mosaic

Our many colored eggs.

*Taking pictures of our festivities, I was just blown away by my new camera and its ability to take really vivid shots. I relished in this little slice of life, what a blessing to color eggs. Messy yes, memories, priceless.


Katie Dicesare said...

I loved reading your poetry as it complimented your pics...we colored eggs but I practically had to beg my boys to join in...I had more fun then they did. Happy Easter!

Stacey Shubitz said...

Gorgeous. You should submit them for Wordless Wednesday.