Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After Debbie Miller I drove to Chicago from Kendallville and met my college friend. She flew into O'Hare from Colorado. We haven't seen each other in about 2 years. It was a long awaited weekend for two hairied moms with small children. I drove through rush hour during one of the most beautiful winter sunsets I have seen. The backdrop of the city leaking through those tall statues. I thought of pausing but I was urgent to see my friend. I raced to find a parking spot at O'Hare and rushed through the glass doors looking for the sign that read that my friend had arrived. I stood by the down escalator as floods of people descended and then she was there... We both walked to one another and embraced, tears streaming, many words pouring from our mouths, trying desperately to catch up years, in moments.

Friday we awoke after a peaceful night of sleep and wondered about what to do with the day. No obligations, not baby schedules, not responsibilities, she proclaimed, "I want to see priceless works of art!" We rode the train, sitting quietly, or talking in small murmurs, enjoying the moment of just being together. We arrived at the museum to find that the museum was free during the month of February: BONUS! We lazily walked about talking, discussing, adult conversation at its finest. It was pure bliss.

On Saturday a beautiful sunny winter day we meandered around North Michigan Avenue ducking into stores that looked like fun, not really caring about which was a turn would take us. We arrived at a local bakery, our sugar low from the walking, and we sat with cups of conversation and sugary treats. That evening we spent two hours dining at a restaurant of our choice. Two hours, eating, tasting, talking, refreshing. I literally could feel my body unwind and release myself from the daily rituals of my own life.

As I left her off at O'Hare on Sunday I cried as I drove away. Not knowing when I would see her again, knowing that she is going back to a life of rituals, and smallness. I cried because I missed my own children, my husband, and my life at home.

The city was great, just what I needed, but my home is where I belong.


Jen Barney said...

i am so-so-so happy that you had a good weekend. i love it when i haven't seen friends for a long time, and when we meet, it's like we are picking up right where we left off.
i am sure the hubs & gurls missed you. love this post and pictures!!


Cathy said...

What a beautiful post...one of my favorite lines was the buildings leaking through...

Thanks for always posting and making me slow down my thinking!

Next time I come to the Fort, we should get together!!!