Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Christmas to remember

Sophie was thrilled to receive her very first Easy Bake oven. I remember the cakes and brownies being bigger! She thinks that it is just fantastic to be able to bake her very own things! Aunt Sharon came and helped make some fantastic cakes with us! Yummy!!!!
Here is our dear Aunt Sharon from California. Bless her heart she came and played with my two girls. They adore her and can't wait to see her soon. She is such a positive person in their life who showers them with so much love and attention. We love her visits and hope she will always feel welcome in our home.
Mommy got a new digital camera, Sydni is here tired of my incessant picture taking. Actually this is Sydni the techno girl, she has her MP3 player, her own digital camera that is in her lap, and the infamous Webkinz! Yea, even that squawking McCaw! Lots of noise, just her style!
Just the girls on Christmas. I'm sure they are sick and tired of me putting them together to take pictures. I promised them that the novelty will wear off for me.
Our final picture with dear Aunt Sharon. We were so sad to see her leave. She will be sorely missed by the girls, and the adults too. Merry Christmas to us all, and a happiest New Year!!!!


Jen Barney said...

so glad that the girls got to see aunt sharon! we have to get the kids together soon. m wants her "girls".
see you soon.

Kathy Douglas said...

Adorable pictures! I know we will see it at school, too. The girls are so precious. I can just hear Sydni telling you to leave her alone! What great memories you have!!!