Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Big Day!

This summer has brought a lot of changes for me this year. Last year I looped up with my first graders to second grade and had a blast. After last summer I was preparing to meet my treasures after a long summer break. This year, after much contemplating I made a big step. I moved schools...
I loved my old school friends, I loved my students, I loved having lots of prior knowledge there...but I wasn't satisfied, I wasn't content. An opening at another school became open in the first grade. I heart first grade. If ever I have loved an age of elementary children it is first graders. You see so much progress in a school year, it is a sight to behold. The school that had this posting is an excellent school, out of all the schools in my city it is one of my favorites! I applied, and after interviewing I accepted a job at my new school. I had to move!
I packed my bags, boxes, crates and whatnot...
And, here I am, ready to begin a new school year at a new school, with children I don't know, coming from families of unknown names, and I don't even know some of my colleagues names. I am content though, I have assembled my classroom, I have readied my books, gathered my materials, looked at my class list. On the eve of this new beginning I am nervous, excited, but ready for change.

This summer I chatted online with a former student through Facebook, here is the just of our conversation:

Student:"so mrs. amick, i went to registration today and they said that you don't work there anymore :-("

Me: "Yea, i moved schools this summer."

Student:"i don't get it mrs. amick, i won't see you everyday :-("

Me: "you know how i told you in the 1st and 2nd grade that i wanted you to take risks as a writer and a reader. and to do that that sometimes you had to change the way that you do things? i'm taking a risk as a teacher by moving. change is good remember?"

Student: "yea, i get it, but i'll miss you. i'm proud of your risk taking though. sometimes you have to work hard to see great results."

Me: "i'll do my best!"

Student: "i'll still miss you, but we can talk here."

A new year is starting for me, I am thrilled to see what change happens for me and my students.


Mike Rush said...

What a cool blog you have. I found you through Chocolate For Teachers. Congratulations on your move and new position. That takes a lot of courage, even if you are, like you say, wanting more of a challenge. I have such a deep respect for you elementary folks. My favorite movie? Kindergarten Cop. Cause he's hopeless in the beginning and then he figures it out. Y'all are amazing.

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