Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Heart...On the Outside

here they are, heart on the outside
they walk among this earth
mingling, living, and coexisting
I worry, protect, and hover
around them
conscious that others may harm
but to not let them live, create, or prosper
means that this world would be without them
this sense of humor, this compassionate lover,
this beautiful heart sleeve, full of passionate change
what will you be?
whom will you change?
how can I make you into that person?

or this heart sleeve,
beautiful eyes, charming smile, always wondering...
questioning, black and white- forget the gray
tender heart
how can I make you stronger?
will I protect your esteem forever?
how can we foster your strength?

and, finally my heart sleeve,
we started as the two, slowly becoming 4
keep me ever in this circle, loving me close
caring for me deeply
for I wear my heart
on my sleeve...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

So sweet and well stated. deb