Friday, September 19, 2008 library day in room 142!

A Trip to the Library...
You may not think that is a big deal. You may not think students would get excited about a little ol' trip to the school library...but not these kids. Thursday morning rolled in and I mentioned that I had spoken to our librarian, our school has Babymouse, and Captain Underpants! We have acquired these titles this summer in our classroom during my many trips to Village Books, Goodwill, and The kids began to buzz, little post-it notes began to disappear, I was asked to write a note to the librarian. "Mrs. Amick can you write her and tell her we want to check out anything?"
"You always get to check out anything, now you just know what you want to check out!" I said.
Plans were being made!
Lunch arrived, "Mrs. Amick, Mrs. Amick, when are we going to the library?"
After lunch was over, we used the facilities, gathered our notes and we were off to the school library. As we entered, the librarian led them to the story area. She gave me a questioning look as it seemed everyone had brought a post-it note to the library. As I left the library, I felt proud of my students, they are readers. They are setting goals as readers, they are developing interests and finding favorite authors, they are excited (at the age of 7/8) about going to the library! Mostly, they are turning into lifelong readers, something I have tried to instill in them.
When I gathered them later they were all a twitter about their new finds. Some had stuck with with their post-it note ideas, some had been enticed by other titles. Mostly, they were just content. They were talkative, mentioning to their neighbor what book they checked out, some had gotten nonfiction books and were revealing new information they were learning. All the talk was "good" talk, it was about books!
Fast forward to Friday: "Mrs. Amick, can we do Independent Reading time all day?"


Sudi Napalan said...

Can I use your blog for my feature blog about school library? I am an San Jose State University student and I want to point out the importance of a school library to students. Please let me know.

Sudi Napalan

Kathy Douglas said...

I will have to plan my visits to Haley to include Thursdays...Library Day in Room 142! What a great day to visit and work on Independent Reading,not to mention writing!

Jen Barney said...

I laughed and thought about your blog today.... one of my treasures... A.V said, "Mrs. B- You gotta talk to someone about these tests, they are getting in the way of our IR time!"