Friday, July 11, 2008

Poetry Friday

I mentioned the possibility of this poem yesterday in my post. An exercise that I tried was to take a noun and write as much as possible about that topic. Another exercise that I did was to lift a line from this entry and turn it into a draft of something else. I lifted four lines:
1. fly through the air so gracefully
2. soaring high above the tree line, gliding and swooping
3. mother bird tell them not to fly so high
4. the mama sits in the tree and squawks

Another exercise is to "top ten" something. I used the word: glide
soar, coast, float, balance, swoop, rustle, swing, fly, flex, levitate

Another exercise I used was to write from another person's perspective.
Here is the poem that I came up with:

Bird, Spread Your Wings and Fly
My little one from egg so small
I sat upon you
keeping you warm
protecting you from enemies and prey;
You are my little one, my pride and joy.
I brought food to your closed eyes
and your ever open mouth
Crying out in hunger,
you rocked and cried
rocked and cried
I fed you from my beak to yours
your belly fully satisfied you rested, safely.
Your wings have grown
your feathers soft and downy
are now full and strong
Your once closed eyes are now open
Take in your surroundings,
Experience life's joy
Ever watching for life's pain
Open your wings and fly through the air
gracefully, gracefully, floating
soar, high above the tree line
swoop and glide
swoop and glide
let your wings stretch and flex
feel the earth's wind in your feathers
open your eyes to the sights
listen to the sounds of your world
Go my little bird
stretch your wings and fly...

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Sarah said...

Sarah, I like the way you reminded me to write from my thoughts about reading. Over and over we, as educators, read talk and think about how interconnected reading and writing are. So what would this reading writing look like? Are you suggesting a book journal? Thanks for responding. This could get me somewhere.