Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Class Poem

A Tree
A tree with branches
like a giant paperclip unbent
A tree with leaves
like a piece of paper
a torn piece of paper;

A tree with bark
like peeling an orange
the sound of the leaves
like the crunch of
chips, apples, and crackers

A tree is a giant circle of life
like parents they keep going
the tree keeps producing
a seed...
a new tree is born
a new future
keeps on rotating

We had just finished discussing how poets are like scientists. We charted the different characteristics of a tree from a scientific perspective. We then thought of words to describe these characteristics. I started with the branches and led them this way, "The branches are like...?" At first it was painful, at first, they didn't get it. Then one arm shot up, reluctantly I cringed upon calling him. His answer, "branches are like a giant paperclip unbent." I about blew over! More arms shot up and soon we achieved this poem. My goal was to just expose my pumpkins to poetry, to immerse them, and let them know the purpose. I think we have achieved just that, next year I think that the writing of poetry will even be better because of their exposure.


Ruth Ayres said...

Wow, Sarah! I'm not sure why your are so surprised. Of course your students are going to have an unexplainable understanding of poetry -- they spend their days with an incredible poet: their teacher. Thanks for sharing. Amazing stuff! :)

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