Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Miss You Already

I'm leaving tomorrow after my second glorious day in the presence of Debbie Miller and driving to Chicago to meet my best friend from college. She is flying in from Colorado Springs and we are going to spend the entire weekend together. I am thrilled, but the mom in me still... misses them already.

I miss you already...
"I miss you already," I whisper goodnight
packing, and planning, for an incoming flight
I kiss them, and nuzzle their faces with care
Knowing the weekend will be one with flare!
"I miss you already," I murmur to them
treasuring faces like a precious gem.
I clean, prepare, about to take flight
Pushing off feelings of guilt with all of my might
"I miss you already," as I lay down to sleep
A memory with a friend, a weekend to keep
I love, I hug, I kiss, and treasure
every moment, precious, we spend together.
"I miss you already," as she boards on the plane
leaving, refreshed and finally sane
A moment between friends, refilling each one
parting, and returning after a weekend of fun


Susan Nations said...

I LOVE Chicago!! And I'm jealous that you're getting to sit under Debbie Miller's teaching! I can't wait to hear the next part from you.


Cathy said...

I miss you! Where is Sarah? Is she back from Chicago? What is happening in the lives of her students...inquiring minds want to know! :)

Jen Barney said...

hey woman!!! check out my new look... it sure is purdy! talk to you monday- take care!