Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's Time For An Intervention...

I posted about this here but it was time for an intervention...
Last January I decided to make some changes for myself. I started walking 3 miles and watching my diet. I have cut out lots of stuff from my diet, no more chips, no more salad dressing, avoidance of all things decadent (especially hard at school), drinking 64 oz. of water a day, etc.

Nothing happened, not one pound, not a single dress size, nothing...

Yesterday, I met with my behaviorist, doctor, and physiologist. The intervention is here, this week I am living on a 1200 calorie diet so that next week my body won't be so shocked when I drink only 980 calories a day. That's right I said drink my calories. I should lose approximately 40 pounds when the 12 weeks are over!

Here are my reasons for the intervention:
1. no results
2. depressing thoughts about my body image
3. obsessive thoughts about what was going into my body

Since my appointments will be on Wednesday I thought I would keep you posted about my progress on Thursdays. Wish me luck!

On a lighter note and very funny:
My five year old was reading a book that her sister checked out from the library. I asked her what kind of dog was on the cover of the book. "It's a pepper dog mommy!"
"See Mommy! He's white with pepper all over!"


Mimi said...

Yikes!! Drink 980 calories? Can you tell us more? Should we be worried??

Jen Barney said...

I am so proud of you friend... we can support each other!

Katie Dicesare said...

Good luck Sarah!!!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Wow! Keep your eye on the end result! Best of luck.

Cathy said...

Lady, know that I am praying for you! I know we all have different battles and please know that I understand part of the body image battle. I'm assuming your doctor will be monitoring you? Were any blood tests run to make sure all of your hormones are in normal ranges?

If I can do anything, let me know! I was talking with another teacher today about how my blogging community has basically been my support since I feel somewhat isolated in my teaching right now...make sure to keep us updated and let us know how we can support you!