Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Spooktacular!!!!

A conversation heard at the Amick household 1 month ago:
"Mama, mama, guess what Haley's gonna be for Halloween?" says Sydni.
"I don't know, what?" says Mama.
"She's gonna be a scaaarrryy Witch, HEE, HEE, HEEE,HEEEEE!" replies Sydni.
"Yea, Mama, Hay's going to be a witch with a broom stick!" adds Sophie.
"We want to be witches too! Can we? Huh?" says the girls in unison.

Friday, around 4:30 at the Amick household:
"Jenny sent home these costumes with me today! Let's try them on." says Mama.
Mama helps each girl dress in their witch costume. Sophie has a dress with a mask, and a bat cape. Sydni has a witches hat and a spiderweb collar. Sophie is please with her costume, she is already pondering what shoes she will be wearing as they are about to leave for the Zoo's Halloween extravaganza. Mama looks over at Sydni, quiet tears streaming down her face.
Bewildered Mama asks, "Sydni, why are you crying?"
"People will tell me I look cute!" screeches Sydni
Daddy adds, "You do look cute, Syd!"
"I don't want to be cute! I wanted to be scary, and frightening!" shouts Sydni.


Jen Barney said...

OMG.... I am sitting here with M. and she is going CRAAAAZY! That my girls-that's my girls! Wait... those are "mines"! My girls & my dresses... ohhh mommy, they are pretty girls! HEHEHEHEHE!

LOVE IT Syd and Sof!!! LOVE IT

Mimi said...

They are adorable!!! I mean, they are so scary!!

Katie Dicesare said...

Don't you love it when they surprise us like that...your girls look adorable. Hope you had fun at the zoo!

Ruth Ayres said...

love this photo. how cute -- even if they don't want to be!