Monday, July 23, 2007

My Serious Life

Hipwritermama always has Inspirational Mondays. I love Monday, it is my hen party night, Monday Night Football is coming up, and then I also get to read her posts! Today was especially uplifting for some reason. I guess I got to thinking about several people in my life that are starting over. All of them are going to pursue educations later in life and I am so proud of them. They are living their dreams out loud! What a novel idea! Personally, my dream was to become a teacher and a mother. I guess all this other stuff in my life is a blessing! I'll take it and be content. I am very content. I wrote this poem in response to Hipwritermama's post, hope you all enjoy. I only ask, "where is your dream?"

The Flame
I have a dream...
I keep it hidden in my drawer;
My dream is not the desires of many,
not the wants of a few,
but the need of one.
I have a flame.
It burns brightly in my soul,
I fan it ever so slightly for all to see,
It is the fire I want to be.
For when the flame is fanned
I am quenched from within-
Still my soul stretches and reaches
gasping for the food, the oxygen, the skills-
I must feed the flame;
All around me, I see:
flames, people, humans, embers,
I see small flickering flames,
they give hardly any light at all,
they are not strong, not ready to sustain the heat.
I see others, eating, digesting, consuming,
fuel to build the flame.
And then, there is- the flame,
the torch, the light blazing
It can't be contained:
others have tried with discouraging words;
but the flame was relentless, it's spirit unyielding.
As it burns it intoxicates everything in its path-
But the littlest flicker dreams seriously about its life
It's potential, could it be the big flame?
Or, will it retreat to the safety of the drawer?
Safe, safe, safe...
But never what it was meant to be.


Stacey Shubitz said...

Lots of strong verbs... very eloquent!

Vivian Mahoney said...

Very vivid, very determined. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poem.

Jen Barney said...

You always have something wonderful to say- Thank you!

Cathy said...

hi there! how is summer going? are you getting ready for the beginning of school? when do you start? have any grandiose ideas brewing? mine seem to be overflowing with the prospect of may not ever happening! wanted to just drop in and say hello!!!